Class of 1962 - 55th Reunion

Dear Loyola '62 Classmate:

It’s been 55 years since we all graduated from Loyola High School. Heck, Canada wasn’t even 100 years old then, there were only 6 teams in the NHL and the Leafs were still able to take a run at the Canadiens (actually this might happen again this year).

We tried to organize a class reunion for mid-June in Montreal to celebrate the occasion but there was little response and we decided that if the interest was not there, it made no sense to continue to beat a dead horse. Ergo, the mid-June scenario is no longer on the table. Instead, we will attempt to meet as a class at the Annual Beer, Oyster and Smoked Meat extravaganza organized by the Loyola Alumni Association. It is held annually at the High school on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend (this year the date is, Friday, October the 6th). You can pay at the door and there will be a room set aside for us.

Below is a list of classmates for whom we are missing either an email or mailing address. If you know of their whereabouts, please let Connie Di Iorio know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 514-486-1101 ext. 275 and she will get in touch with them. Information can also be updated using this link.

Here is a digital version of our 1962 yearbook for you to peruse.

Have a great summer and hopefully a number of us can share “a pint” and remember a different age.

Classmates for whom we are missing either an email and/or mailing address:

Andre Armstrong Thomas Lundy
Terrence Buckley Terrence Mahoney
Michael Burke James Mancuso
William Butler Michael Marchand
Paul Carbray Leo Maurus
Desmond Clark Michael McAdams
John Clarke Brian McAsey
Pierre Cloutier Brian Meagher
Michael Cooke Richard Monaghan
Herbert Costello Richard Moore
Philip Daly Roger Morin
Dominic De Castris Brian Murphy
Gaetan Delorme Robert O'Flaherty
Mario DeRosa Gene Parker
Robert Desjardins Gerassimos Pollakis
John Feeney Robert Rouleau
J.Marc Ferland Edwin Sak
Philip Gagnon Eric Schneider
Graham Gould Raymond Seguin
Robert Hayes Harold Shipton
Paul Hemens Paul St. Pierre
Walter Jamieson Hermin Surkis
Peter Jones Dennis Tobin
Paul Kind Richard Volk
Ted Kubacki Bernard Wood
Peter Lowry