Class of 1982 - 35th Reunion

Thirty, thirty, thirty-five … yep that would be thirty-five years ago that we walked across the stage to receive our Loyola Diploma. Fr. Maclean was President and Fr. Altilia was our Principal. There was a good contingent of Jesuits to keep us on the straight and narrow, namely: Altilia, Boyd, Hall, Maclean, Mathieu, McCarthy, Moriarty, O’Brien and Peck. And who can forget the likes of Parr, Khoury, Martin, Mukerji and a host of other characters.

Bobby Emblem, our Valedictorian, and André Touchburn, ran the LSHA. The Drama Society put on two productions: A Grave Undertaking and Our Town, both of which were well received. There was a host of great sport teams we played on, highlighted by the football and soccer teams playing in the city finals. The Carnival Ski Trip (held at Morin Heights) and the Ed Meagher Sports Tournament, helped break up the Winter Term. Festival Night included the Science Fair and the Public Speaking Contest. Socially, five dances including a “Sock Hop” and a costume dance, a spirited Talent Night and a Walkaton that raised $15,000 for Darjeeling, made for a fun-filled year. The Graduation Ball was held at the TMR Town Hall after stopovers at Candido’s, Emblem’s, Perrier’s, Heintzman’s, Sideco’s and Touchburn’s. There were so many clubs and committees we belonged to. The list goes on – way too many stories to retell. Sooooo…….

Yes, there’s much to reminisce about and we plan to do just that on
October the 6th and 7th, 2017.

On the Friday night we will arrive at the school around 6pm and gather as a class in a designated spot. Later in the evening, we will head downstairs and join fellow alumni at the Annual Beer, Oysters and Smoked Meat evening hosted by the LHS Alumni Association. Around 11 in the evening, we will head downtown to an appropriate watering hole - we should be able to find one.

On the Saturday, there will be a mass at 4pm in the High School Chapel and a tour of the school for anyone who is interested. This will be followed by an evening at a restaurant/club/etc (time and place to be determined) with our significant other. If you prefer to come solo, this is not a problem. We would love to see you, so if you can only make the Friday or the Saturday night, that’s great. If you need a hotel, the school has corporate rates at a few hotels – contact Connie Di Iorio (514-486-1101 ext 275) for details.

Please note that all further updates will be done by email and the school website. Below is a list of classmates for whom we are either missing an email and/or mailing address. If you know of their whereabouts, please let Connie Di Iorio know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 514-486-1101 ext. 275 and she will get in touch with them.

So mark your calendars - here’s to another special weekend when we once again assemble and tell tall tales.

Paul Donovan, Bob Emblem and Gavin Fernandes

Classmates for whom we are either missing an email and/or mailing address:

Pierre Alain Patrick McGee
Tom Berriman Bruce McLaren
Felice Biello Mark McLaughlin
Philippe Bienvenu Mark McNally
John Boffin Leslie Mikolajczyk
James Broden Thomas Mostovac
Mathew Brzezinski Cameron Muir
Fernando Cabugao Duane Murray
Frank Chauret Andrew Nick
Richard Chin Michael Nix
Paul Cloudt Lars Nyberg
Mark Connolly David O'Brien
Daniel Cunill Lindsey Oss
Robert Dutkiewicz Michael Perrier
Steven Fraser Michael Potter
Bryan Fuller Noi Quao
Sean Gilmour Michael Ribicki
Ron Halas Cesidio Ricci
Doug Heintzman Patrick Robinson
Larry Hodgson John Rokakis
Richard Hudon Lawrence Ryner
James Hyland Tony Sanchez
Dan Kannon Carlos Sanchez
Edwing Koc Fernando Scappaticci
Steve Kokker Silvester Sedivy
Andrew Kotys James Skaperdas
John Lafave John Thomas
Fiore Lalla Bruce Timmons
Richard Laurie Patrick Tite
Brian Lourenco Gregory Trippenbach
Louis Luponio Wayne Trudeau
Michael Malone Stephane Vanier
Mark Malyszko Michael Vonniessen
Rock Marchessault David Walker
Alex Markovic John Wilson