Class of 1992 - 25th Reunion

Hard to believe it’s been twenty-five years already. It seems like only yesterday we were taunting and terrorizing the entire school - including (but not limited to) the janitors, the librarians, the younger students, and a number of teachers.

Our year marked the end of an era: It was the last graduating class of the old school, with Jesuit Priests holding most of the key administrative positions (Fr. Rye, Fr. Obrigewitsch, Fr. Brennan, and Fr. Maclean).

During our formative years at Loyola, we climbed four stories of well-worn stairs to play plastic recorders for the significantly over-qualified Ms. Haughey. With impunity, we scrawled in permanent marker all over the ceiling and walls of Mr. Burke’s basement lounge/office; we played the few songs we knew on Fr. Brennan’s office guitar; we tried our best to avoid Mr. Donnini’s well-aimed flying shoe, and we trembled in fear before the self-proclaimed Roaring Lion of Loyola, Dr.Khouri.

We went to Stratford, Talent night, The Fall and Winter Tournaments, The Grad Ski Trip, Carnival, Dances, and Walkathon; we shared great sports teams, and a host of clubs that all helped the years seem to fly by.

It was all part of the culmination of five great years, with many special moments that were part and parcel of the Loyola experience that helped define us.

So now is the time to once again gather as a class and get reacquainted – to tell tall stories and catch up on how everyone is doing. The years have flown by but it seems like yesterday that we walked across that stage, diplomas in hand. We said our goodbyes, but it would be great if we could regroup, reconnect, and relive some of that magic.

Since that day, many things have changed. Not all of us made it to this point: John Ross and Sean Richardson unfortunately both passed away, far too young.

Some of us were in town for the last reunion (the 20 year reunion), but many of us have not seen or heard from one another in the last two plus decades; we all remain a part of the Loyola fabric. Many of our names adorn the walls… through bricks, class pictures and sports team photos… we are and always will be part of the extended Loyola family. And as many families do… it’s time for the big twenty-fifth.

Friday October 6th and Saturday October 7th, 2017

The weekend will kick off on the evening of Friday, October 6th with the annual Beer, Smoked Meat and Oysters Bash. This is an annual, all-alumni event, which kicks off Loyola’s Homecoming Weekend, but because we are celebrating the big twenty-fifth, we expect to have a large Class of 1992 turnout. It will begin around 6 p.m., and will take place in the atrium of the school. For the Saturday night, we will meet at the Burgundy Lion at 7:30 p.m. for drinks and appetizers. If you can only make the Friday or the Saturday night, that’s great. The school has corporate rates at a few hotels – contact Connie Di Iorio (514-486-1101 ext 275) for details.

Please RSVP using this link: Class of 1992 Reunion

Below is a list of classmates for whom we are either missing an email and/or mailing – if you know of their whereabouts, please contact Connie Di Iorio at 514-486-1101 ext. 275 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and she will forward the details. All future correspondence will be done by email so make sure we have your latest coordinates. We look forward to seeing everyone – here’s to a special weekend.

We look forward to seeing everyone and once again, walk down memory lane.

Charles Le Guen, Bernie Roach and Chris Brault

Classmates for whom we are missing either an email and/or mailing address:

Amir-Hossayne Ajar Michael Lopes
Mark Alinauskas Oliver Mallich
Philip Apa John Mancuso
Kelsey Bacon Kevin McConnell
Zsolt Becker Philip Milioto
Iain Bryson Alexander Navarrete
René Companion Jordan Neal
Stephen Cookson Michael Pasia
René De Villa Bobby Pennino
James Deane Nishan Ponnudurai
Michael Domingo James Prak
Gerald Faustino Mark Presseau
Monico Flores John Prosnick
Brian Gagnon Jay Sagritalo
Matthew Garino John Shestowsky
Patrick Gilbert Michael Siwik
Patrick Grabowski Vincenzo Testa
L. Gregory Guerrero Robert Tkaczyk
Sean Hanck François Vincent
David Hanna Simon Westwood
Brad Hanrahan Alexander Wlasenko
Kevin Hogan Dylan Yaeger
Vernon Jacinto Pierre Yongco
Louis Kang Stephen Zienius
Anthony Lewis