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Board of Directors

It is the job of the Board of Directors to maintain the tradition of excellence that is associated with the Loyola High School Alumni Association. Here is a list of the current members:

Executive Committee

Serge Bouharevich '70, President
Pino Di Ioia '86, Vice-President
Paul Fortin '68, Treasurer
Chris Phelan '67, Secretary

Board of Directors

Leo Bissonnette '70
Jeff Clarke '81, Past President 
Al Deschamps '94
Frank Di Stefano '85
Derek Dolan '97
Charlie Dunsby '86
Matthew Eramian '98, Past President
Charles Grenier '78, Past President
Chris Hein '98
Chris Marilley '81
Pawel Morawski '81
Mike Mueller '90
Jim Newman '60
Per Nyberg '87
Richard Pawulski '77
Scott Phelan '70, Past President
Dan Piech '01
Ed Piro '99
Matthew Rooney '97
Mike Scalzo '97
Elias Scarvelis '84
Mark Shaloub '86
Pierre Shousha '78
Ray Spruzenieks '78

Alumni Director
Bob Shaughnessy '61

Assistant to Alumni Director
Kathy Mullins

Mission Statement

The Association shall be known as the Loyola High School Alumni Association Inc. (hereinafter the "Association").


The purpose of the Association is to promote the interests, welfare, and educational aims of Loyola High School (hereinafter the "High School") and its alumni, to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the High School and its alumni, and to foster and encourage the Jesuit ideal of "men-for-others".


The Objectives of the Association are:

  • To encourage the fellowship of former students of the High School through social, educational, cultural, and professional means. 
  • To disseminate information among former students relating to the development of the High School. 
  • To promote the High School through continued alumni interest and to share their knowledge and experience, both academic and otherwise, with current students of the High School. 
  • To establish and maintain a link with all alumni, the High School, and with the community at large.