100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge

[L to R]: Principal Richard Meagher, President Paul Donovan, Father Rob Brennan, S.J., and Dr. Paul Kavanagh.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Paul Kavanagh (father of Sean '08, Christopher '10, Paul '13, and Darragh '15) for a recent donation related to the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge on April 9th.

The generous donation included three historical "ordnance survey" maps from WWI (City of Armentières, October 1917; City of Messines, December 1917; City of Ypres, January 1918), as well as the copy of a hymn recited by the 10th Canadian Battalion, First Canadian Division on May 1917 at the Thanksgiving Service following the victory at Vimy Ridge.

Dr. Kavanagh founded Operation Veteran, in association with the Canadian War Museum, to ensure that all Veterans visiting the museum would be provided a complimentary meal every day of the year. Support for the program has grown tremendously to now include schools from all 10 provinces and three territories. Educating youth is another important element of Operation Veteran and the program supports the Museum’s online modules, which engage youth across the country in remembrance. In addition, Dr. Kavanagh annually invites students from across Canada to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies at the National War Memorial followed by a special tour of the Canadian War Museum. The students’ fundraising efforts cover their travel expenses to Ottawa in order to participate. Operation Veteran continues to enlist more schools, while significantly expanding the scope of its online educational activities. (Via Veterans Affairs Canada)

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