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Student Leadership at Loyola

Is Loyola forming leaders of the future? If the student leadership in the school this year is any indication - the answer is a resounding “yes”!

While student leadership is evident at all grade levels, through class presidents and vice presidents, and in clubs and activities including captains on both intramural and extramural sports teams, perhaps the most evident display of leadership is on the Maroon & White and Student Council. For Principal Richard Meagher, words that come to mind to describe their leadership include: “competent, thorough, positive, engaged”.

“The students really care about Loyola,” said Mr. Meagher, “and they are determined to make their mark on the future of the school”. According to Mr. Meagher, these leaders are also not afraid to do the dirty work - whether it be picking up a broom, or stacking tables and chairs, “and they always do so with a positive attitude and smile on their face”.

Some examples of their work this year include:

  • Working closely with Mrs. Supino raising both awareness, and $6,000, for breast cancer research during the month of October;
  • Doing likewise for prostate cancer in ‘Movember’, as 85 students and staff sported a smorgasbord of mustaches - again, educating the student body about prostate cancer, and raising nearly $5,000 for Procure and the Movember Campaign;
  • Bringing Halloween back to Loyola this year, raising school spirit and money for UNICEF’s program to support children in Haiti who were once again struck by a natural disaster with Hurricane Matthew;
  • Serving as ambassadors at all school Masses and assemblies, Parent-Teacher Interviews, Curriculum Nights, as well as helping out at our parent events including the Parents’ Association Dance and Mothers’ Guild Wine & Cheese.

Regarding Movember, Loyola faculty member Mr. Plimer noted that the school went to a fully student-run model the last two years and, as a result, saw the number of participants triple! This was thanks especially to student recruitment by the Committee.

As Mr. Meagher sums it up: “All of this is just until Christmas!”

We look forward to seeing what these young men will accomplish during the second half of the school year. Leaders like these will surely be ones to watch in the future, as pillars of service in our local and global communities.