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Talent Night

Friday, November 18th at 7:00PM
Eric Maclean Centre (West Broadway entrance)
Cost: $5.00
See the performance lineup below!

2016 Talent Night Performance Line Up

Emcees: Hannah Johnston (Sacred Heart), Tristan Rubbo & Patrick Dunlop
Special Guest: Cole Griffin

ACTS (this is NOT the order of performances for the evening):

Matthew Licursi & Zachary Tosi
Acoustic Guitar & Vocal

Kevin Faucher
Drums & audio file

Colin Ahern
Stand-Up Comedy

Kaitlyn McGregor & Lara D’Amico (Villa)

Sincere Irony
Matthew Lawler, Simon Berard, Alex Quesnel, Graham Cochrane
Guitar & vocal, guitar, bass, drums

The Patrick Greiss Band
Patrick Greiss, Alex Quesnel, Alessandro DeLucca, Franco Proietti
Piano & vocal, Bass, Alto sax, & drums

Jianna Christakis (Villa) & Morgan Meyers (Lakeside)

Anthony Griffin & Mina Jehu
Piano & vocal, guitar

Shehana Perera, Bridget Kelly, Laetitia Tremblay

The Revolution
Evan Hardy, Christopher Hardy, Zachary Aubin (Westwood), Gus Lowe (Westwood)
Guitar & vocal, guitar, bass, drum


Teacher Coordinators:
Mr. Connor Girouard
Mr. Chris Hein
Mr. Franco Proietti

Sound and Lights Coordinator:
Mr. Henry Prillo

Committee Members:
Andrew Barecki
Bryan Catudal
Patrick Dunlop
Kevin Faucher
Patrick Greiss
Matthew Lawler
Matthias Lee Poy-Paxman
Matthew Parthimos
Marc Anthony Pereira Figueiredo
Joseph Raftus
Tristan Rubbo
Ryan Santini
Philip Wheeler
Work Crew:
Andrew Matteo
Vincent Messina
Rocco Santaguida