Loyola and the Ice Storm of 1998

Snow Life: A National Post Podcast

Former Loyola alumni director Paul Leblanc '60 was recently interviewed by Snow Life: A National Post Podcast for the episode "Winter's Fury", following his letter to the editor published in the Montreal Gazette.

In this podcast, he recounts how Loyola offered its facilities during the infamous ice storm of 1998 and acted as a temporary shelter for members of the local community who had lost power and heat.

Paul's 6-minute recording is in the middle of three interviews: one from B.C., one from the Maritimes and the Montreal-Loyola contribution. To hear the full podcast, please follow this link. Paul's segment begins at about 5.30 minutes in.

To read about Loyola's experience of the ice storm as published in Loyola Today (Spring 1998 edition), please click here or click on the image below. 

(photos: The National Post; Loyola Archives)