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Robotics at Loyola

The Northern Knights robotics team brings together students from Loyola and Sacred Heart high schools, to build a robot and compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international high school robotics league with over 7,000 registered teams. Robots weigh up to 120lbs and play 3-minute matches on a 27 x 54 foot field, reaching speeds up to 15kph. Each year, it is a new game and a new robot to build. This year’s contest follows a 1980’s arcade-game theme, where teams gain points by picking up yellow power cubes and stacking them on top of tilting platforms up to 8 feet in the air.

We benefit from an experienced group of mentors, mostly team alumni, some going back to the team’s inception in 1999. Most mentors study science or engineering or have gone on to engineering careers. We built this year’s robot during the six-week build season winding up in the last week of February. In the first three days of March, we play our first competition, the local Festival Robotique de Montréal. In April, we go on to a regional competition in Long Island, and possibly to the championship in Detroit.

After our last competition, we have planned a busy off-season, honing our skills, expanding our knowledge, preparing for next year’s challenge and showing a presence in the local community. We welcome the interest of Loyola community members, and we are always open to bringing in new mentors with backgrounds in engineering and other areas. For more information please contact Eamon Egan ‘79 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mr. Eamon Egan '79
Loyola Robotics Coordinator

(photo: Brandon Vergara)