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Saint-Joseph-de-Tivoli visits Montreal

From October 1st to the 14th, Loyola welcomed twelve students from Bordeaux, France. The students from Saint-Joseph-de-Tivoli were paired up with Loyola students in Secondary 3 who had visited Bordeaux last spring. The Bordeaux students, here for English immersion and Québec and Canadian culture, attended classes with their LHS "brothers".

Among other things during their busy stay, they visited the Musée Pointe-à-Callières, St. Joseph's Oratory, and the Science Center, and they took a day-trip to Ottawa to visit Parlement and the War Museum.

Thanks to the efforts of Loyola's Marthe Lacasse and Tivoli's Marie-Josée Leroy, through this exchange program, the two schools have developed a very warm relationship over the last five years.