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Technology Policy Changes

Over the past two months, a small subcommittee of teachers and administrators have been meeting to review the school’s Technology Policy, and in particular the use of iPads in the school.

While the topic of mobile technology elicits a broad spectrum of opinions, the overall goal of the school is to always explore best practices. We will continue to review our technology policies when we return in January, however, the purpose of this memo is to inform you of two immediate rule changes that will take effect on January 4th. The policy changes are:

(i) Students will no longer be permitted to use iPads (or any mobile technology for that matter) in the cafeteria during meal times (breakfast and lunch). The reason for this change is very simple – students should be engaged in conversation with their friends during meals.

(ii) Students will now be permitted to use cell phones in the cafeteria after school (3:05pm). The reason for this change is to make it easier for parents to communicate with their sons, particularly with regards to car pick-up at the front door. In the past, students were required to go to the gym lobby to call or receive text messages, which is not very convenient for pick-ups on Sherbrooke Street.