Friday April 20th, 2018

Daily Events

  • Spring Time Haircuts
  • With spring time on the way, nothing feels better than a fresh haircut. Short, neat, off the collar and bang lengths no longer than the eyes. Take advantage of the long weekend and get it done if need be. Finally, the 32 students identified as needing a haircut are to see Mr. Fulvio first thing Monday morning.
  • The Loyola Bowlers
  • On May 2nd (the half ped day), The Loyola Bowlers will be venturing to the Rose Bowl to bowl a few frames. Who are the Loyola Bowlers? Maybe you are! Don't be shy. Actual bowling experience and/or skill are not necessary. Sign-up on the sheet posted outside the Main Office. Cost of the excursion will depend on the number of students signed up but will not exceed $20. Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, April 25th.