Thursday January 18th, 2018

Daily Events

  • Haircuts Needed
  • Over 50 students were identified by Mr. Racine as needing haircuts. Students have until Monday to comply with the school dress code. Each identified student is to see Mr. Fulvio Monday morning with a haircut that complies with the school rules. Those who are still in violation of the school dress code, for example their length of bangs still fall below the eyes, regardless of how it is styled, will receive a Jug for every day they are in violation of the hair code. If need be, the first Jugs will begin on Monday.
  • Sec. 5 CSP
  • TODAY is the first meeting day of all Sec. 5's who are doing their CSP this term. Meeting with one's Moderator is NOT optional. To miss regular Day 8, Period 4, meetings is like skipping a class, and will be treated as such. The deadline for orientations is also tomorrow. Students, by now, should have reached out and made contact with their Moderators to establish when the orientation will take place. In most circumstances, visits should be starting next week, if they have not already begun.
  • Dominican Cup
  • Thanks to everyone who played in the Dominican Cup. Together we raised over $1000 for the Loyola Experience Week. Congrats to Team Tortolano for winning the tournament!
  • 3v3 Basketball Fundraiser
  • Sports2Soups is a Secondary 2 Ignite Project that aims to donate cans of soup to those who are less fortunate in exchange for sports. The first sports tournament hosted by the group will take place this Friday, at Lunch. This tournament will be a 3v3 Basketball tournament of games from 5-10 minutes each. It is an elimination tournament; winner takes all. Only the winners get the $60 McDonald’s gift card. Please come by the Atrium to register, where a representative will be waiting to take down names today at Lunch. Payment to register is 3 cans of soup for a team. For more details, please see Daniel Magee in 2A.
  • Chess Club
  • The Loyola Chess Club Tournament of Champions continues today at lunch in Room 219. The earlier you arrive, the more games you will get in, and the greater the chances that you will qualify for the quarter-finals scheduled for February 13th.
  • Briscola Club
  • The Briscola Club will meet today at Lunch in Room 150. On the Agenda, electing a club president, organization of tournaments and teaching the game. All are welcome!
  • Wii Console?
  • Do you have a Wii console at home collecting dust? If you do and are willing to donate it to add to our Lunch time game options, please contact Cheri Adams by phone (514-486-1101 x600) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Games are needed, too!

Sports Announcements

  • Weight room
  • The Weight Room will be open today at Lunch.
  • Table Tennis
  • The St. Margaret Open, featuring the largest field of players in club history, will commence at 3:15 p.m. in the Bishops' Arena today.
  • Pee Wee Hockey Scouts D2
  • The Scouts continued their winning streak, vanquishing College Eduard Montpetit 4-0. Despite a slow start, the boys generated some momentum in the second half of the game with a couple of quick goals and a determined attitude. The team will now prepare for the upcoming Ed Meagher Sports Tournament. Good luck, Scouts!
  • Morning Basketball
  • Morning basketball is back ! Tomorrow 7:00 a.m.
  • Intramural Basketball
  • The deadline to sign up for the IBA is TODAY! You can sign up at the Intramural Pillar.
  • Midget Basketball
  • Congratulations to the Division 2 Midget Basketball team on their 57-33 victory over Beaconsfield High School yesterday. The team is back on the road today against Lakeside Academy. No early dismissal. Team members are to meet at the Gym entrance by 3:40 p.m.
  • Juvy Basketball
  • The Juvenile Basketball team has an away game today at Face Academy. Players should be ready to depart Loyola from Mr. Burke's Office at 2:15 p.m. sharp!