Friday November 17th, 2017

Daily Events

  • First term Report Cards were handed out yesterday. If you were absent and did not receive yours, you must see Ms. Caristo before leaving school to pick it up. Teachers are reminded to please collect Acknowledgement Cards, placing them in alphabetical order, and send them to Ms. Caristo after the Bulletin. Anyone who has not brought it in is asked to see Ms. Caristo. Please remind your parents to book their Parent Teacher interviews by the deadline date - - MONDAY, November 20th. The system closes at MIDNIGHT.
  • Dilallo Burger Truck
  • The Dilallo Burger truck will be parked in the guest parking lot outside the Locker Rooms during Lunch today. If you want to taste their delicious burgers and fries, you must buy a ticket at the Reception Desk. Payment will NOT be accepted at the truck. Bon appetit!
  • Ed Meagher Sports Tournament Parents' Reception
  • Parents of Loyola Winter Student/Athletes: Loyola’s winter sports scene is just getting underway and we are delighted that your son will be representing his high school on an interscholastic team. You are invited to our annual Ed Meagher Sports tournament information session: Tuesday November 21st- 6:30PM (Library) I. 6:30-7:00PM - A general SPORTS TOURNAMENT meeting – We like to think that the tournament is the best high school tournament that your son will participate in during his high school years. In order to accomplish this, we really need your help! At the meeting, we will be asking for your support in a few areas - volunteering at the canteen, providing home baked goods/sandwiches for the coaches’ reception and by selling one or two ads for the souvenir program. The program is the financial lifeblood for the tournament. We are really hoping that everyone will pitch in this year, since all of the proceeds go directly towards our Athletic programs. II. 7:00 – 7:30PM - Individual TEAM meetings - Teams will hold meetings for their parents in order to outline their season schedule, team rules, etc… III. 7:30-8:30PM - Mix & Mingle - Parents are invited for refreshments in the Casey Lounge following the team meetings in order meet their son's coaches, fellow team parents and tournament committee members!
  • Talent Night 2017
  • Talent Night 2017 will be held TONIGHT. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., and the show begins at 6:30 p.m. SHARP, until approximately 8:00 p.m., in the Eric MacLean Centre (West Broadway entrance). Admission is $10, and includes free entrance into the Senior Dance, which begins at 8:30 p.m. All proceeds go to the Bursary Drive. Bags will be inspected at the door. It is ONE NIGHT ONLY, so you don’t want to miss great acts such as: -Evan and Christopher Hardy’s band, “Revolution” -Rock Bands starring: Andrzej Fedorowicz, Kevin Faucher, Vincent Messina, Matthew Parthimos, Alessandro De Luca, Paolo Petroni, and Michael Attallah -The Licursi Brothers with Zachary Tosi -Sincere Irony, starring: Matthew Lawler & Simon Berard -Villa Maria’s talented vocalists: Sofia Buccella, Lara D’Amico, and Kaitlyn McGregor And, of course, your hosts, Jack Artzy and Sacred Heart’s Hannah Johnston!
  • CSP I-IV
  • The Banquet Set Up for the Fr. Jean Foundation which is taking place tonight still has 3 out of 4 spots available! Those spots should be filled by any Sec. 4 still needing hours for their CSP, particularly those in the East End of the City. As has been said in the past, if we do not fulfill requests made to us by community groups, we will stop accepting their requests for help, and students will be left entirely on their own to find approved activities.
  • Sec. 5 CSP
  • The Sec. 5 students who will be doing their CSP after Christmas will be making their placement selection next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on Moodle. Students should take this weekend to look through the options and be prepared with their first, second and third choices. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Donovan or the placement moderator before making a selection next week. There is one spot for each student, so all spots will be taken.
  • Please be reminded that NOVEMBER 21st, DAY 7, is a LATE START - Ordo #1. Classes begin at 9:10 a.m. The Teachers' meeting was changed from the original date of NOVEMBER 7th.
  • Toy Drive
  • The Christmas tree is up and it's time to kick off the Toy Drive to support the families of St. Gabriel's Parish in Pointe-St-Charles. If you would like to contribute, please place a new, unwrapped toy under the Christmas tree in the Atrium.

Sports Announcements

  • Wrestling
  • Thank you to all student-athletes who tried out to be on the Wrestling Team. The final list will be posted on the door of Room 136 on Monday morning. Practices in preparation for the season will take place on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.
  • Peewee Div 1
  • Peewee Division 1 Scouts have a home game today at 2:30 p.m. in the Ed Meagher Arena. Dismissal is at 1:45 p.m. Come out to support the team. Go Scouts!