School leadership ensures that the school facilities, pedagogy and activities of Loyola create an environment that is conducive to our students becoming intellectually competent, religious, loving, open to growth and committed to doing justice. They support our caring and dedicated faculty and staff to model what is means to be men and women for others.

  • Marcelle DeFreitas, présidente

    Marcelle completed her Masters degrees in Religious Education and Educational Administration. She was the first lay principal at both Notre Dame High School, St. Joseph’s College Secondary School for Girls and Little Flower Academy. In 1999, she was appointed to the Ontario Institute for Catholic Education (OISIE).

    Marcelle DeFreitas

    The academic year of 2021 - 2022 marks Loyola’s 125th anniversary since the Jesuits founded Loyola in 1896.

    For the past 125 years, the school’s mission has never wavered from the vision of its founding community: to educate young people to change the world through a life formation that focuses on forming the “whole person”. In Jesuit education, the road to academic excellence extends far beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.

    Care for the “whole person” means ensuring students are not just intellectually competent, but that they are open to growth, loving, religious, and committed to doing justice. It means ensuring a balance of intellectual, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

    For 125 years, Loyola has fostered student engagement both inside and outside of the classroom. The competence, commitment, compassion, and conscience they have are nurtured by their involvement in all aspects of school life. They carry these qualities forward into life outside the school walls -- with their families, friends, communities and workplaces, and ultimately -- the world.

    All of that starts here. The care and experience of our Faculty and Staff, our alumni and older students, provides an environment for Secondary 1 students that is immediately welcoming, stimulating, exciting and will change your son’s life and your family forever.

    As our students say, “It is the ride of a lifetime”.

    Comme le disent nos étudiants, c’est « une aventure hors du commun ». 

  • Tom Malone

    Tom holds a B.A. in Political Science from Harvard, a B.Ed. in Social Studies from the University of New Brunswick, a M.A. in Political Science and a M.Ed. in Global Education from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in School Administration from Loyola of Maryland.  He was the founding Principal of Cristo Rey Jesuit High in Baltimore and served as principal at Mother Seton Middle School in Baltimore.

    Tom Malone

    This is our shared goal at Loyola: to form men and women of conscience, competence, and compassionate commitment. It is not just a slogan here, though, it is our mission. We educate youth in a well-rounded way, so that they can identify their own gifts, develop them, and give back to the community to make the world a better place. In essence, to grow into good people: to do the right thing for the right reasons, and to do it very well. Our students learn to do this in the context of a supportive yet demanding school community.

    How do we accomplish our mission? Our academic program is very strong, with 93% of our graduates accepted into the post-secondary program of their choice. We challenge our students to think, to sharpen their public speaking skills, to write and to speak well in both French and English, and to make ethical choices. At Loyola, faculty get to know each student, and they have an abiding respect for each of our students as a valuable and unique child of God. We expect all students to get involved in school life by choosing what is right for them from our rich array of co-curricular offerings. This way, Loyola students develop their talents, interests, and social skills to serve the wider community well both during and after their time at the school.

    This is what makes Jesuit education special. I hope, as you peruse our school website and learn more about the school, you will come to agree with me, that the Jesuit mission is alive and well at Loyola.

    Together we pledge to make this another year of staff and students working together to form “men and women for and with others”  at Loyola High School.

  • Executive Director of Advancement
    Scott Corbett
    Scott Corbett

    Scott Corbett came to Loyola from McGill University where he spent the last six years working as a Senior Development Officer, helping to prepare McGill for their bicentennial capital campaign. In his role Scott also led the advancement efforts to inaugurate the Max Bell School of Public Policy. Prior to McGill, Scott worked in leadership roles in the industrial manufacturing, wholesales and sporting goods fields.

  • Executive Director of Operations
    Dr. Fouad Maroun
    Dr. Fouad Maroun

    Secretary General of Saint Joseph University (USJ) of Beirut, Dr. Maroun has a background in Civil Engineering with a Master of Engineering from McGill University, an MBA and Executive Doctorate in Business Administration from Université Paris Dauphine, France.. In 2004 he founded the highly successful Athletics Department at USJ and created the Beirut Unisports Festival. In his role as Secretary General Dr. Maroun headed multiple executive committees focused on creating and steering USJ’s strategic plan, and streamlining processes at the University.