Tuition & Financial Aid

At Loyola, we look beyond frontiers and boundaries with a spiritual boldness that is all-welcoming and changes the world.

Our goal is to ensure our whole person formation is accessible to all regardless of gender, language, faith, or belief. Our generous and thriving financial aid program ensures that a family’s finances are not a barrier to students who aspire to join the Loyola community.


Tuition & Fees 2022-23

Loyola High School offers several payment options: including a single payment, double-payment or a payment option over 10 months. All payments are made via pre-authorized debit.

TUITION FEE *   $5,011.00
1st Term $2,505.50  
2nd Term $2,505.50  
ACTIVITY FEE   $2,300.00
(Funds student activities such as the yearbook, newspaper, drama, athletics, awards, handbook, student council, special events etc.)    
RELATED FEES   $614.00
(Insurance, School Photos & I.D. Cards, Workbooks, Cultural Excursions, Religious Activities)    
DEVICE FEES **   $400.00
Mothers’ Guild Dues $10.00  
Parents’ Association Dues $10.00  
(This deposit covers the cost of damage to or loss of textbooks. If all or part of the fee is used in a given year, it is brought back to $100 the following year. The fee is reimbursed when the student leaves the school.)    
SEC. 5 STUDENTS ONLY   $150.00
Graduation Fee (ceremony, diplomas, convocation photo, rentals, reception etc.)    
HOCKEY PROGRAM FEES (learn about the program)    
Juvenile Division 1 $4,000.00  
Juvenile Division 2 $3,500.00  
Juvenile Division 3 $3,000.00  
Bantam Division 1 $3,500.00  
Bantam Division 2 $3,000.00  
Peewee Division 1 $3,500.00  
Peewee Division 2 $3,000.00  
(Hockey Fees will only be invoiced once the teams are selected, which will be determined sometime at the end of August or early September if possible)    
Football Juvenile $250.00  
Football Cadet $200.00  
Football Peewee $50.00  
Flag Football $100.00  
Baseball $100.00  
Soccer $100.00  
Volleyball $100.00  
Basketball Juvenile D1 $350.00  
Basketball Juvenile D2 $250.00  
Basketball Midget D1 $350.00  
Basketball Midget D2 $350.00  
Basketball Bantam B1 $300.00  
Wrestling $75.00  
  • In order to benefit from the early payment discount ($100.00), you must meet the following criteria:
    • Be signed up for pre-authorized payments
    • Pay your tuition in one instalment dated September 1. This is the ONLY payment option where the discount is applied.
  • Loyola will offer the following family discounts for families with more than one (1) child from the same family during the same school year:
    • 5% discount on regular tuition for the second (2nd) child ($5,011 5% = $250.55)
    • 10% discount on regular tuition for subsequent children (3rd, 4th, etc.) ($5,011 x 10% = $501.10).
  • Late fees will be applied for any amounts received after June 1, 2023 as per our policy.
  • There is a $50.00 NSF charge.
  • If your son leaves the school mid-year, the fees for all students, fees for new students and association dues are not pro-rated and are not refundable. If your son leaves the school mid-year, it is possible you may still have a balance owing even if you are paying in 10 equal payments.
  • * Tuition fees are subject to change if the MEQ reduces its grant to private schools.
  • ** Device Fees: After five (5) years, the student will retain the device. Fees for repairs will be charged in accordance to the work done. If a Chromebook is unrepairable, a new device will be remitted and a $400 fee will be charged.

Payment Option

  • 1-Payment Option Full tuition due on September 1st (A credit of $100 is available to families who pay in 1 installment only)
  • 2-Payment Option Payment is made on September 1st (50% of balance) and February 1st (50% of balance)
  • 10-Payment Option 10 payments on the first of the month from September to June

Family Discounts

Loyola will offer the following family discounts for families with more than one (1) child from the same family during the same school year:

  • 2nd child5% discount on regular tuition for the second (2nd ) child ($5,011 X 5% = $250.55);
  • Subsequent children10% discount on regular tuition for subsequent children (3rd, 4th, etc.) ($5,011 X 10% = $501.10).

Payment Method

All families are required to pay by pre-authorized debits.

Financial Aid

Opening Our Doors Wide

The school’s strategic plan emphasizes that “diversity and accessibility are essential to Loyola’s identity and that every effort should be made to seek, attract and admit qualified students regardless of their ability to pay tuition and related costs”. Our “needs-blind” admissions policy ensures that there is no disadvantage whatsoever to the financial aid applicant during the admissions process.

Our Generous Financial Aid Program

Last academic year…

  • over 16% of Loyola students (1 in 6), received partial or full bursaries;
  • over $722,000 in financial aid was awarded to 121 students;
  • the average bursary of $5,970 covered 63% of the total school fees.

The financial aid program is funded entirely by the Loyola High School Foundation, thanks to the generous support of alumni, parents, staff and friends and through special fundraising initiatives such as the Foundation Golf Tournament, the Hockey Raffle, the Mothers’ Guild Wine & Cheese and the school store.

How the Application Process Works

There is no specific income requirement to apply for financial aid. The process relies on individualized assessments that take into account each family’s unique circumstances, including their employment earnings and other income, assets, liabilities, number of dependents etc.

Loyola has retained the services of Apple Financial Services to assess all the requests. Parents must complete the online application and submit the required documents. Apple provides an objective analysis of each application, with a recommendation of what the family should reasonably contribute towards the total fees. The Bursary Committee reviews the results and approves the final grants. Families are notified in writing of the committee’s decision.

All new applicants will be asked to meet with the Bursary Committee to discuss their applications prior to approval of the final grants.

The financial aid granted is of one-year duration. Families must reapply each year if their financial need persists.

The School trusts that the information provided on the application is accurate and truthful. Any evidence to the contrary will put the student's standing at Loyola in jeopardy and risk a repeal, retroactively, of all the financial aid awarded.

Maintaining Confidentiality

The financial aid granted is assessed on an individual basis and takes into consideration each applicant’s specific family circumstances. Parents are asked not to share with others the particulars of their financial aid award as this can create false assumptions and expectations. The Bursary Committee maintains the confidentiality of all the financial information received and expects families to do the same. Otherwise, there could be a risk of review and possible repeal of the aid awarded.

The School’s confidentiality policy extends to faculty and staff who are not made aware of the students receiving financial aid.

Important Factors to Consider

Parents should invest in their child’s education before elective expenses such as secondary home ownership, club memberships, expensive car leases/purchases or excessive consumer spending.

In fairness to other financial aid applicants, to other Loyola families not receiving aid whose finances are stretched, and to the donors who sacrifice to contribute to the financial aid program, it is important that parents consider all their options before applying for financial aid (e.g. ten-month payment plan offered by Loyola, assistance from family members, a bank loan etc.).

Deadlines for Applying

I. Incoming Students

General Deadline: The deadline to apply for financial aid is 2 weeks after you receive your acceptance letter from the Loyola High School Admissions Office.

Parents who apply prior to December 15 will receive an answer from the Bursary Committee by January 31.

Early-Application Deadline: Parents who choose to apply by September 28 (prior to confirmation of their son's acceptance to Loyola) will receive notification of the committee's decision with their acceptance letter.

Early-Application Deadline: Parents who choose to apply by October 31 (prior to confirmation of their son's acceptance to Loyola) will receive notification of the committee's decision with their acceptance letter.

II. Returning Students

The deadline for the online submission is March 11. The Bursary Committee will inform the family of its decision by early June.

***PLEASE NOTE: If you were unable to meet the above deadlines or if a need for financial aid arises during the school year, please contact Rosa Naccarello, Director of Finance at 514-486-1101 ext. 264 or

How to Proceed with the Financial Aid Application

Once you have read the instructions below, please click here to begin the Online Financial Aid Application.

The Application Fee is $125, to be paid by credit card at the end of the session. In the case of separated/divorced families, the cost of an additional application is $40.

You must submit the following documents to Apple:

  • most recent provincial and federal income tax returns, including all pertinent schedules;
  • most recent provincial and federal notices of assessment;
  • most recent T4 and RL1 information slips;
  • most recent mortgage documents;
  • most recent Statement of Business Activities (if you are self-employed);
  • most recent financial statements (if you own a business).

N.B. Your application will not be processed until all the pertinent documents have been submitted.

Following the submission of the online application, all NEW applicants will be asked to meet with the Bursary Committee to discuss their applications.

Tax Implications of Receiving Financial Aid

The total financial aid awarded in a calendar year will be reported on the T4A and Relevé 1 information slips issued in the student’s name. Parents must provide their son’s Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Federally, bursaries are tax exempt; provincially, they remain a taxable source of income but are eligible for a full deduction. Therefore, this income will have no impact on the student's tax returns.

This summary is of a general nature only and is not intended to be legal or tax advice. Accordingly, parents should consult their personal tax advisors with regard to their particular circumstances.
Revenu Quebec: Deduction for Scholarships, Bursaries or Similar Financial Assistance

Contact Information

For general information or inquiries about financial aid, please contact Please note that we are unable to provide you with an estimate of financial aid prior to the submission of your application form and the required documents.

For questions regarding the application form and the documents required, please contact: Apple Financial Services